A beautiful destination just 2 hours from Rafina ...

Cyclades in a green background!

An island that meets all the requirements ...
... countless beaches other leeward and other ideal for surfing. Some of them are easily accessible by car and other more remote and in order to enjoy them you shall take the path. The most famous in the West side: Piso Limionas, Fellos , Aghios Petros, Golden Beach, Kypri, Aghios Kiprianos, Batsi, Batsi-Kolona, Stivari, Aneroussa, Aghia Marina, Paleopoli, Chalkolimionas, Apothikes, Plaka. East: Korthi, Vintzi, Tis Grias to Pidima, Syneti, Paraporti, Neiborio, Gialia, Ahla, Vori, Ateni, Vitali, Zorkos, Peja.

Beautiful villages with picturesque houses ...
and with imposing mansions of families renowned shipowners and ship owners who have their roots in the history of the island. Man's! 'Small England' were known until the interwar period due to naval tradition and competition of the fitting with the mighty Britain.


Ideal island for hiking. In 1985 Andros obtained the certification mark of the European Confederation of Associations of hikers for its paths. There are around 100 km of marked hiking paths in which the walker can enjoy a unique view, mills, bridges, valleys and small rivers (Achla, Vori, Pythara).

Monasteries of Andros. The best known: Monastery Panachrantou (963-969 AD), Monastery of Aghia Marina (1325 AD), Monastery of St. Nicholas (11th century), the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (842 AD) and Monastery of St. Irene (1780 AD).

Sights: The cave in the village Aladino with stalactites and stalagmites aged 4.5 to 5 million years old, the ruins of the Castle in the Country, the ravine of Pithara in the village Apikia called and "Neraidotopos" with abundant water forming small waterfalls and ponds. In the same village, Apikia, is the source of mineral water "Sariza", renowned for its healing properties.



The tower of St. Peter (4os- 3rd century BC) dominates the plain of Gavrio, Pano Kastro or Castle of Faneromeni north of Ormos Korthi at an altitude of 585 mt. Zagora, which is one of the best preserved cities of the Geometric period in Greece. The ancient city of High village Aprovato

Palaiopoli, the ancient capital of Andros, which flourished from classical times to the Roman period. The ancient city was well below the present village, near the port, whose half sunk pier seen from the village. The findings are hosted in the archaeological museum of Paleopolis.

Strofilas, a neolithic settlement discovered in Stavropeda region. The Bisti-Mouvela tower in the Stenies. Menites Sources. The traditional village is built among the walnut trees. It is one of the most beautiful, lush green villages of Andros very close to town. Dipotamata, gully with rich vegetation, watermills and bridges between Syneti, Paleokastro and Kochylou.


Visitors can experience the rich historical and cultural journey of the island visiting the Archaeological Museums of Chora and Palaiopolis, the Kydonieos Foundation, the Kairio Library, the Digital Museum, the Museum of Folklore and Christian Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Maritime Museum in Chora and the Cyclades Olive Museum in Ano Pitrofo.